console_scripts entry points are used by setuptools and pip to create & install a project's command-line programs. If a project defines a console_scripts entry point named foo that points to modulename:funcname, then when the project is installed, the installer will also create & install an executable named foo that invokes funcname in modulename when run. See the setuptools documentation for more information.

Project Entry Point
01d61084-d29e-11e9-96d1-7c5cf84ffe8e lib1
0lever-so so
0lever-so so_install
100bot 100bot
101703373-topsis 101703373-topsis web-app
2048 2048
2Feeds 2feeds
2Keys 2Keys
2mp4 2mp4
2to3 2to3
2wf90-assignment 2wf90
3debt 3debt
4chan chan
6D657461666C6F77 metaflow
a-john-shots a-john-shots
a-poem a-poem
a2svm a2svm
a2w a2w
aaa-jiang srf
aabc aabc
aacgmv2 aacgmv2
aactivator aactivator
aamp aamp
aamp aamp_to_yml
aamp yml_to_aamp
aapns aapns
aasalert aasalert
aat aat
aav.upcoming-games upcoming-games
abagen abagen
abakus-status-checks abakus-checks
abaqus2dyna abaqus2dyna
abb-pro33-ardexa abb_pro33_ardexa
abeona abeona
abhealer abhealer
abimap abimap
ablog ablog
abodepy abodepy
abook abook2vcf
abook vcf2abook
AboutCode about-code
aboutcode-toolkit about
aboutdir aboutdir
ABR abr
ABR abr_gui
ABR abr_loop
abridge abridge
abrije abrije
abritamr abritamr
abvdget abvd_download
abzer abzer
abzu abzu
academic academic
acc_provision acc-provision
acccmip6 acccmip6
acceptable acceptable
acceptable build_service_doubles
access-checker-sbhalodia access-checker-cli
access-checker-sbhalodia access-checker-gui
access_points access_points
accession accession
accesslog accesslog
accorder accorder
accretion-cli accretion
acdcli acd_cli
acdcli acdcli
ace-api ace_api
Ace-todolist Ace_todolist
acertmgr acertmgr
acestream-launcher acestream-launcher
aceto aceto_conf
acg acg
Achilterm achilterm
achso achso
acl-iitbbs acl
aclpwn aclpwn
acm-sdk-python acm
acme-nginx acme-nginx
acme-tiny acme-tiny
ACMPlus current-meter-acmplus
acopy acopy
acpibacklight acpi-ease-backlight
acpype acpype
acquire acquire_login
acquire aq
acronym acronym
acs acs
acs-cli acs
acs-download acs_download
acs_examine_student_assignment acs_examine_student_assignment
acs_extract_student_assignments acs_extract_student_assignments
acs_student_attendance acs_student_attendance
acs_student_mail_harvester acs_student_mail_harvester
acsoo acsoo
acstools acs_destripe
acstools acs_destripe_plus
ActDeact act
ActDeact actDeact
ActDeact deact