console_scripts entry points are used by setuptools and pip to create & install a project's command-line programs. If a project defines a console_scripts entry point named foo that points to modulename:funcname, then when the project is installed, the installer will also create & install an executable named foo that invokes funcname in modulename when run. See the setuptools documentation for more information.

Project Entry Point
01d61084-d29e-11e9-96d1-7c5cf84ffe8e lib1
01OS 01
0lever-so so
0lever-so so_install
0x-python ZeroEx
100bot 100bot
101703235-missing-val missing-val
101703272-missing-val missing-val
101703311-Missing-Data handledata
101703311-OUTLIERS outlierRemoval
101703312-outlierRemoval outlierRemoval
101703322-missing-val missing-val
101703373-topsis 101703373-topsis
101703378-project2 Project2
101703549-missing-val missing-val
102003634 topsis
102003712 topsis
102003759 topsis
102017059-Aakanksha-Topsis topsis
102116078-topsis-py 102116078_topsis
102183051-topsis topsis
123tv-iptv 123tv-iptv
1password-secrets 1password-secrets
2048 2048
2048-cli 2048-cli
2048-py 2048-py
21cmSense sense
2267570-hw4 hw4
24p 24p
2b2t 2b2t
2b2t 2b2t.coord
2ch-downloader 2ch-downloader
2dxPlay 2dxplay
2fas 2fas
2Feeds 2feeds
2Keys 2Keys
2lazy2rest mkrst
2mp4 2mp4
2to3 2to3
2wf90-assignment 2wf90
3-python-package-exercise-17 wordle-game
321 321
32blit 32blit
360monitoringcli 360monitoring
3b-bot 3b-bot
3D-registration spatial-registration
3D-registration time-registration
3debt 3debt
3DFin 3DFin
3Di-cmd-client active_simulations
3Di-cmd-client scenario
3Di-cmd-client suite
3ptest 3ptest
3q qqq
4711 4711
4chan chan
564bff00ff-strawberry-graphql strawberry
5gasp-cli 5gasp-cli
6-rosdep 6-rosdep
6-rosdep rosdep
6-rosdep rosdep-source
6D657461666C6F77 metaflow
77mr mr
77tool 77tool
7seg-ByteBird bytebird
A-Api-Server a_api_server
a-gis a-gis
a-john-shots a-john-shots
a-poem a-poem
a-python-package foo
a-pytube-fork-for-spotdl-users pytube
a-pytube-fork-for-spotdl-users pytube3
a10-nlbaas2oct a10_nlbaas2oct
a10-octavia a10-octavia-db-manage
a10sa-script a10sa-script
a12rta a12rta
a2 a2
a28 a28
a2b a2b
a2conn a2conn
a2connect a2connect
a2d a2d
a2ln a2ln
a2ml a2ml
a2od a2od
a2p2 a2p2
a2svm a2svm
a2w a2w
a2woz a2woz
a3d-cli a3dcli
a3m a3m
a3m a3md
a62-emotion emotion
a7dtester test_with_a7dtester
a816 x816
a9s a9s
aa-gen aa-gen
AA-stat AA_search
AA-stat AA_stat