flask.commands entry points are used by Flask to register subcommands of the flask command. If a project defines a flask.commands entry point named foo that points to a Click command object, then once the project is installed, running flask foo will invoke the given command. See the Flask documentation for more information.

Project Entry Point
biweeklybudget rundev
ex-peewee-moves db
Flask-AppBuilder fab
Flask-Assets assets
Flask-Board board
flask-crontab crontab
flask-dramatiq periodiq
flask-dramatiq worker
Flask-Gunicorn run
flask-konch konch
Flask-Maintenance maintenance
Flask-Manage-Webpack manage-webpack
Flask-Migrate db
flask-pancake pancake
flask-routes routes
flask-seed seed
Flask-Seeder seed
flask-shell-ipython shell
flask-taxonomies taxonomies
flask-taxonomies-es taxonomies_es
flask-url-map-serializer url_map_to_json
flask-webpackext webpack
flask-yoyo yoyo
gather2gether db
gather2gether projects
gather2gether tasks
gather2gether users
ImageButler image
ImageButler user
invenio-access access
invenio-accounts roles
invenio-accounts users
invenio-app-ils demo
invenio-app-ils fixtures
invenio-app-ils patrons
invenio-app-ils setup
invenio-app-ils stats
invenio-app-ils vocabulary
invenio-assets collect
invenio-base instance
invenio-explicit-acls invenio_explicit_acls
invenio-oarepo-files-rest oarepo-files
invenio-oauth2server tokens
invenio-queues queues
invenio-rdm-records rdm-records
invenio-sequencegenerator sequences
invenio-sse sse
invenio-stats stats
Kerko kerko
oarepo-heartbeat-common heartbeat
oarepo-invenio-records-draft draft
oarepo-references references
peewee-moves db
pyape pyape
zubbi collectstatic