tox entry points are used by tox to register tox plugins. A project that defines a tox plugin must declare a tox entry point pointing to the plugin object in order for tox to be able to find the plugin once it's installed. See the tox documentation for more information.

Project Entry Point
datadog-checks-dev datadog_checks
detox proclimit
pytest-testmon testmon
retox exclude
retox proclimit
retox watch
tox-ansible ansible-collection
tox-appveyor appveyor
tox-asdf asdf
tox-auto-env tox-auto-env
tox-backticks backticks
tox-battery toxbat-requirements
tox-conda conda
tox-current-env current-env
tox-direct direct
tox-docker docker
tox-envfile envfile
tox-external-wheels tox_external_wheels
tox-factor factor
tox-gh-actions tox_gh_actions
tox-interpreters interpreters
tox-lambda-autodiscovery lambda-autodiscovery
tox-monorepo monorepo
tox-no-internet no_internet
tox-nuitka nuitka
tox-pip-extensions pip_extensions
tox-pipenv pipenv
tox-pipenv-install pipenv-install
tox-py-backwards py_backwards
tox-pyenv pyenv
tox-pyo3 pyo3
tox-pypi-filter pypi-filter
tox-travis travis
tox-venv venv
tox-virtualenv-no-download virtualenv_no_download
tox-wheel wheel
tox-wikimedia wikimedia