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1.7.0 dsdk-1.7.0-py37.py38.py39.py310-none-any.whl

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Project: dsdk
Version: 1.7.0
Filename: dsdk-1.7.0-py37.py38.py39.py310-none-any.whl
Download: [link]
Size: 22068
MD5: d62eede8e49ac3a50c4ba4841df1590b
SHA256: afb2ca1bb0ee738e45ebcb2177e1a36796eb5f60f71c806bc54d8cc5811c23e0
Uploaded: 2022-08-11 17:20:55 +0000



Metadata-Version: 2.1
Name: dsdk
Version: 1.7.0
Summary: An opinionated library to help deploy data science projects
Author-Email: Jason Lubken <jlubken[at]users.noreply.github.com>, Michael Becker <mdbecker[at]users.noreply.github.com>, Corey Chivers <cjbayesian[at]user.noreply.github.com>, Graydon Neill <grayeye[at]user.noreply.github.com>, Penn Signals <pennsignals[at]pennmedicine.upenn.edu>
Project-Url: Homepage, https://github.com/pennsignals/dsdk
Project-Url: Source, https://github.com/pennsignals/dsdk
Project-Url: Tracker, https://github.com/pennsignals/dsdk/issues
License: MIT License Copyright (c) 2021 Penn Signals Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.
Classifier: Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable
Classifier: Intended Audience :: Developers
Classifier: License :: OSI Approved :: MIT License
Classifier: Operating System :: Unix
Classifier: Operating System :: POSIX
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3.7
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3.8
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3.9
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3.10
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: Implementation :: CPython
Classifier: Topic :: Utilities
Requires-Python: >=3.7
Requires-Dist: blosc (>=1.10.6)
Requires-Dist: cfgenvy (>=1.4.1)
Requires-Dist: numpy (>=1.15.4)
Requires-Dist: pandas (>=0.23.4)
Requires-Dist: requests (>=2.26.0)
Requires-Dist: astroid; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: black; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: coverage[toml]; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: cython (>=0.29.21); extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: flake8; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: flake8-bugbear; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: flake8-commas; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: flake8-comprehensions; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: flake8-docstrings; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: flake8-mutable; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: flake8-sorted-keys; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: isort; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: mypy; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: pep8-naming; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: pre-commit; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: psycopg2-binary (>=2.8.6); extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: pylint; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: pymssql (>=2.2.3); extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: pytest; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: pytest-cov; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: types-pkg-resources; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: types-pymssql; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: types-python-dateutil; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: types-pyyaml; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: types-requests; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: vcrpy; extra == "dev"
Requires-Dist: psycopg2-binary (>=2.8.6); extra == "psycopg2"
Requires-Dist: cython (>=0.29.21); extra == "pymssql"
Requires-Dist: pymssql (>=2.2.3); extra == "pymssql"
Provides-Extra: dev
Provides-Extra: psycopg2
Provides-Extra: pymssql
Description-Content-Type: text/markdown
[Description omitted; length: 1182 characters]


Wheel-Version: 1.0
Generator: bdist_wheel (0.37.1)
Root-Is-Purelib: true
Tag: py37-none-any
Tag: py38-none-any
Tag: py39-none-any
Tag: py310-none-any


Path Digest Size
dsdk/__init__.py sha256=2LdpA4VNOnQ1vxrSW4qzGH0F_ID2eLLAB2zZs4GisO4 1197
dsdk/asset.py sha256=BpubqYQV_4yeQ414MzM30gSfA2G1F-kRYLtyzbOIvM4 2254
dsdk/flowsheet.py sha256=vAcRoHVbPS1JayrcEnwIW-NbSidDViBIgaGQeB3a-74 12164
dsdk/interval.py sha256=fEVwkDASEptqIoWgiFjFeZV2X19cK_K4hbvF7O9CjOw 944
dsdk/model.py sha256=tVWsU-1bsiJaxitPJbe0Hen2qTHRELLzdxug4IxAbAU 2785
dsdk/mssql.py sha256=-PZ57Yx76g6mxd1F8EW0jYEBSII-uwNva5pc7Mx_kLA 3007
dsdk/persistor.py sha256=r_gDE6-acotMw_BatEebYjzCZXwBqp83EJ6pZEjPq-Y 10857
dsdk/postgres.py sha256=Yieq5LSCofRVJt2Pf7UiyWat-l6yha5fhcXTaGrTVNo 11497
dsdk/profile.py sha256=hkkTbP0iymZbM-ZSXinPH3-t6MmUsp2f9Esk8zXrtwY 1836
dsdk/service.py sha256=jr9dXfcQ1OO5kllyVgE4Xoyc-el2VC05F5g1kjRzvdo 11194
dsdk/utils.py sha256=jiBGUFhKT7ATthUh60X26zNivzxnST7ZpwdQnJoWCU4 4404
dsdk-1.7.0.dist-info/METADATA sha256=BGlJP--fw8zNp3cAK9vwuwrTXPzeBy7GTYTlw5DBT4g 5171
dsdk-1.7.0.dist-info/WHEEL sha256=a0MNYPrg0KRCQC6Zz6s4bshUoXhXjaeusQxxmUjtey4 151
dsdk-1.7.0.dist-info/top_level.txt sha256=1vjAJ8LH_5m5LTjqhMHMU-FUCecZi1-jtuBtTEFC864 5