pytest11 entry points are used by pytest to register pytest plugins. If a project defines a pytest11 entry point that points to a module containing one or more pytest hook functions, then once the project is installed, pytest will automatically load the plugin module and execute its hooks. See the pytest documentation for more information.

Project Entry Point
addok addok
aiohttp-json-rpc aiohttp-json-rpc
aiomisc aiomisc
alauda-xdist xdist
alauda-xdist xdist.looponfail
alembic-verify pytest_alembic_verify
allure-adaptor-nio allure_adaptor
allure-additions allure-additions
allure-pytest allure_pytest
allure-pytest-acn allure_pytest
allure-pytest-bdd allure_pytest_bdd
anyio anyio
apiritif pytest_apiritif
app-executor app_executor
appdaemon-testing appdaemon_testing
aresponses name_of_plugin
aspectlib aspectlib
authedwig hedwig
bable-interface mock_bable
backports.unittest_mock unittest_mock
bag8 bag8
basilisp basilisp_test_runner
bcca bcca
betamax pytest-betamax
BlazeWeb blazeweb_initapp
BotEXBotBase red-discordbot
boto3-fixtures name_of_plugin
bugcatcher ftl
buvar buvar
buvar-aiohttp buvar_aiohttp
case case
ccstudiodss ccstudiodss
celery celery
celery-custom-fix celery
ci-watson pytest_ciwatson
ckuehl-celery celery
clicker clicker
cnx-db cnx-db
cnx-litezip cnx-litezip
cob cob
colcon-core colcon_core_warnings_stderr
contract-deploy-tools deploy-tools
dash-tokamak dash
datadog-checks-dev datadog_checks
datatest datatest
ddebounce ddebounce
devpi-postgresql pytest_devpi_postgresql
devpi-server pytest_devpi_server
dials-data dials_data
django-assets django_assets
django-constance pytest-django-constance
django-fakery django_fakery
django-perf-rec django_perf_rec
django-selenosis selenosis
django-selenosis tags
django-sorcery django-sorcery
django-test-migrations django_test_migrations
django-test-plus test_plus
django-webtest django_webtest
django-xss-fuzzer django_xss_fuzzer
docker-services docker_services
ease-test salt
epyqlib epyqlib
eth-brownie pytest-brownie
Faker faker
faster_closeio closeio
firefly-framework firefly
flaky flaky
flaky-with-setup-checks flaky
Flask-Dance pytest_flask_dance
flask-fantasy pytest_fantasy
Flask-RESTy flask-resty
Flask-Unchained flask_unchained
fpr-infra fpr_infra
fpr-packer fpr_packer
ftw ftw
gocept.pytestlayer zopelayer
godkjenn godkjenn
goodplay goodplay
headlock headlock-debug-support
headlock headlock-report-error
humongous humongous
hydra-core hydra_pytest
hypothesis hypothesispytest
implant implant
importnb importnb
iotile-cloud mock_cloud
ipapp pytest_qase
jaraco.mongodb MongoDB
jaraco.postgres PostgreSQL
jaraco.test allow missing params
jaraco.test plugin-enabled options
jupyter_server pytest_jupyter_server
Kotti kotti
Kr0nOs kr0nOs
Kr0nOs-Bot red-discordbot
kubetest kubetest
ligo.skymap omp-get-num-threads
live-testing-coverage live-testing-coverage
logassert logassert