distutils.commands entry points are used by setuptools to add new commands to setup.py scripts made with setuptools.setup(). If a project defines a distutils.commands entry point named foo that points to a subclass of setuptools.Command, then once the project is installed, users will be able to run python setup.py foo to run the custom command. See the setuptools documentation for more information.

Project Entry Point
antlerinator build_antlr
antlerinator clean_antlr
AST bdist_AST
atmosphere-cli behave_test
baklava execute
baklava predict
baklava serve
baklava train
baseplate build_thrift
bbfreeze bdist_bbfreeze
bdist_docker bdist_docker
bdist-pyinstaller bdist_pyinstaller
bdist-wheel-name bdist_wheel_name
bdownload clean
beehive beehive_test
behave behave_test
behave-bse behave_test
behave-no-capture behave_test
behave-plus behave_test
behavecrackle behave_test
blender.distutils bdist_blender_addon
build-with-cython cbuild
calmjs build_calmjs_artifacts
calmjs npm
calmjs yarn
calmjs.bower bower
caniusepython3 caniusepython3
ccfreeze bdist_ccfreeze
CEMake cemake
chalice-babel export_strings
chalice-babel import
clang-build-ext build_ext
codestare-msg-compiler build_py_proto
codestare-msg-compiler clean_proto
codestare-msg-compiler compile_betterproto
codestare-msg-compiler compile_mypy
codestare-msg-compiler compile_proto
codestare-msg-compiler compile_protoplus
codestare-msg-compiler compile_python
codestare-msg-compiler generate_inits
codestare-msg-compiler rewrite_proto
cpymake cpymake
dekegg bdist_fixegg
dekegg bdist_fullegg
distutils_build_without_typehints build_without_typehints
distutils-extra-python build
distutils-extra-python build_help
distutils-extra-python build_i18n
distutils-extra-python build_icons
distutils-extra-python clean_i18n
distutils-extra-python pylint
django-xml create_readme_rst
docinit docinit
duckcli lint
duckcli test
elephas-wheel bdist_wheel
fgcp-client-api docs
fipy test
fipy unittest
flake9 flake8
Foris-Plugins-Distutils foris_build
Foris-Plugins-Distutils foris_clean
Foris-Plugins-Distutils foris_make_messages
frequenz-repo-config compile_proto
glue-setuptools gdist
glue-setuptools gupload
helper run_helper
hs-build-tools pyz
hs-build-tools runenv
hs-build-tools tidy
install-freedesktop install_desktop
irissqlcli lint
irissqlcli test
isort isort
isort-black-compat isort
iusql lint
iusql test
kedo-pex bdist_pex
lambda-setuptools ldist
lambda-setuptools lupdate
lambda-setuptools lupload
libsass build_sass
libsass-bin build_sass
litecli lint
litecli test
manifix manifix
manypex bdist_pex
marbles.core marbles
mask-key install
mlbaklava batch
mlbaklava deploy
mlbaklava process
mlbaklava train
mo-installer build
mo-installer build_mo
mollib build_data
morphi compile_catalog
morphi compile_json
morphi extract_messages
morphi init_catalog