gui_scripts entry points are used by setuptools and pip to create & install a project's GUI programs. If a project defines a gui_scripts entry point named foo that points to modulename:funcname, then when the project is installed, the installer will also create & install an executable named foo that invokes funcname in modulename when run. See the setuptools documentation for more information.

Project Entry Point
2048 2048w
ab12phylo ab12phylo
abeluna abeluna
abf-explorer abf_explorer
acheron acheron
acomod acoustic_mode_viewer
Activate-App activate
adk adk.d
ai2table AI2Table
amarettopy amrtctl-gui
amphetype amphetype
amrlib amr_view
ArchivViewer archivviewer
argos argosw
argosge argosge
aris-apps online_model
ArrayViewer aview
aside aside
Assign-GUP Assign_GUP
audiomass audiomass
avacado-messenger client
BaiduGrabber baidu-grabber
BatchImageResize batch-image-resize-qt5
bcml bcml-gui
bdbag-gui bdbag-gui
betsee betsee
blacs blacs-gui
blnuhr blnuhr
bmcs bmcs
borg-qt borg_qt
bruker2nifti bruker2nifti_gui
bsmedit bsmedit
buffer-app buffer_app
buildertron buildertron
BWFM bwfm
bypy bypygui
byu-auvsi-imaging-client img_gui
cadbiom-gui cadbiom
caffeine-ng caffeine
campi campi-client
carburetor carburetor
chatimusmaximus chatimusmaximus
chconsole chc-python
chconsole chjoin
chconsole jupyter-chjoin
checksum-gui checksum-gui
cheqlist cheqlist
Chips-CNC-Toolmanager Chips
chromawizard chromawizard
chronophore chronophore
cityscapesScripts csLabelTool
cityscapesScripts csViewer
Clement clement
clickpoints clickpoints_gui
clockify-idleless clockify_idleless
cmlib cmlib_demo
code128 code128w
comports comports
computerSitTimer computerSitTimer
COMTool comtool
conan-app-launcher conan_app_launcher
conda-manager condamanager
construct-editor construct-editor
converter-csv converter-csv
CountESS enrich_gui
covid19-detection covid19-detector
csv2opd csv2opd
cubeviz cubeviz
cutevariant cutevariant
cytoflow cytoflow
dataArtist dataArtist
DataShow DataShow_gui
datecalc datecalc-gui
daty daty
dckit dckit
dcmfetch dcmfetchtool
dcmpi dcmpi_explorer_gui
dcmpi dcmpi_gui
dcmpi dcmpi_run_gui
dcoraid dcoraid
deluge deluge
deluge deluge-gtk
desktop-entry-creator desktop-entry-creator
dial dial
dicom-anonymiser anon
DiscoNet DiscoNet
diskimgr diskimgr
DisPass gdispass
dittohunt dittohunt
dotjs dotjsw
dottorrent-gui dottorrent-gui
dtgui dtgui
dusted dusted
easysetuppy EasySetupPy
easysetuppy easysetuppy
eclipseprofileselector eclipse-profile-selector
eduvpn-client eduvpn-gui
eduvpn-client letsconnect-gui
EMBL2checklists EMBL2checklists_GUI
envswitch envswitch_gui